story by Mike Gas

As I witnessed in horror this lustful low-poly wench awkwardly grind her crotch against my fully clothed body, another woman’s face floated in my mind, a woman who looked suspiciously like the one on top of me, Madison Page, from yet another David Cage directed video game, Heavy Rain, and a very long, extremely voyeuristic, and creepy shower scene she's feautured in.

Which made me think of several other shower scenes, featuring yet another woman written by Mr. Cage, Jodie Holmes, a character who's likeness is based off the actor playing her. Which made me recall when players (not me, I didn't have a PS3) modded the game she's in, and went in freecam during several of the shower scenes, that the character's model was fully nude despite the game going out of its way to frame the camera as to not show any nudity.

Thumbnail courtesy of xhamster user "sahorie" and his modded PS3. Uploaded 8 years ago. Censored images liked this filled the pages of gaming outlets during the game's release.

I wont go too deep down the rabbit hole of video game auteur David Cage's weird history with women. It's important to acknowledge, but something that is too heavy to unpack to right now. I bring up these scenes because they're heavily symptomatic of the one major fault in all of David Cage's games.