story by Mike Gas

published on September 15, 2022

Meet and Fuck Leila is the first game in the viral flash porn game series: Meet n’ Fuck. The description of the game, as written by its creator, VadimGoD, on reads as follows:

“Hey dude, Are you ready tonight for a new sexual adventure? Well, Listen to me. Do you see that pretty babe next to a bar table? I didn't see her here before. But I heard her name is Leila. Just look at her big round boobs, they are perfect! Wanna touch them? Then you need to pick her up. Come to Leila and try to talk. Be smart enough and take her to your home. I think It will be a hot night with a hot babe.”

Similar to Facade, the game’s main mode of interaction is through the dialogue. Talk enough game, pick the right options, and you get to spend the night with a hot anime babe.

Long story short, the game sucks. The dialogue makes Finnegans Wake look like a Go Fish instruction manual, there are absolutely no consequences if you choose the wrong option, the titular character Leila is as interesting as a bag of rocks, and the sex mini-game at the end isn’t even fun. Oh, and the cherry on top, much of the art is stolen.

Call it desperateness, call it curiosity, call it the eager, fucked up minds of Newgrounds’ mostly underaged user base, Meet and Fuck Leila became a viral hit on Newgrounds, spawning over twenty sequels which have amassed a combined play-count of over a hundred million people. I’d like to talk more about Meet n’ Fuck, but before we do, I need to finally start talking about the real game of the hour, House Party.