story by Mike Gas

published on September 15, 2022

House Party is a porn game and not a very good one, but we’ll talk about that later. The most interesting thing about House Party isn’t the games’ selling point: the sex and the characters you have sex with. It’s the fact that it was finished. This game’s existence is a novelty in itself.

House Party is one of the 42% of early access games on Steam that have actually made it out of early access. Its development has outpaced Peter Moleyneux’s Godus, Project Zomboid, Mount and Blade 2, Hiveswap, and countless other titles. And for being a pretty explicit porn game, it also has cameos ranging from micro-celebrities like Game Grumps all the way to big stars like Doja Cat (I don’t like either of these people but it’s pretty wild that they’re in this.)

Thumbnail courtesy of GameSocietyPimps cuz I don't wanna dig through my hard drive and rip the footage of these creeps. Linking their vid here since I stole their thumbnail.

House Party has sold over 800,000 copies on Steam, and that’s not even mentioning the sales it’s achieved on other storefronts. There’s no denying that this game will have some influence over the never-ending stream of depraved porn games filling up the Steam store, prehaps we’ll finally get more nuanced titles than games like “Sex With Hitler” (yes, that’s a real game on Steam) because of it. People are going to play this game and are going to want to make something like it, without a doubt.