story by Mike Gas

published on September 15, 2022

What sets House Party apart from the other porn games on Steam is that its mode of gameplay sits in a very unique ground between Meet n' Fuck and Facade. If I had brain damage I might even go so far as to call it sophisticated. I mentioned Facade earlier because playing House Party, I could not stop thinking about Facade's cancelled sequel, “The Party,” and the fact that this was the closest thing I would ever play to it. I was expecting a janky, tacky, and cheap Unity porn game and what I got was a pretty unique, refreshingly mundane, character focused adventure game. House Party’s gameplay is extremely dynamic, more so than most AAA games flooding the market today.

You can tackle the story in pretty much any order you want. If you find a character standing on the otherside of the room interesting then you’re free to go talk to them and pursue their story behest of any other questlines you’re currently in. The cherry on top for me was that it all takes place in one location. I clocked in a total of 10 hours of House Party before I got bored and stopped playing. For a game that takes place in just one tiny house, I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

The characters are serviceable. They all meet the bare minimum threshold to be classified as human beings rather than walking-talking 3D fuck dolls. But that’s it, it never really goes above and beyond its tactless and crass meme-spouting humor. It’s almost as if the writing team didn’t want to give itself enough credit and was too scared to take itself seriously. It’s a game that reads as insecure more than anything else.

There’s one character in particular I always return to when thinking about this. His name is Frank. Frank’s schtick is that he’s the only straight edge person at the party. Now, that’s a funny premise for an antagonist, you can milk enough funny dialogue and situations from that alone without having to make the character resort to talking about his massively swollen balls and crypto every five seconds.

Unfortunately the dialogue is like this for the entire game.

But House Party likes taking the cheap shots, it's not witty, just stupid and inane. The moments where it tries to be clever or tries to catch you off gaurd with something more sacchrine or serious are extremely rare and almost nil.