story by Mike Gas

published on September 15, 2022

One thing I found kind of fun about House Party is that in order to get closer to your goal of… uh… banging everyone at the party, you gotta play a game of Iyanla, Fix My Life and help them get their shit together before they even think of having sex with you. The sex in exchange for character development and self-actualization is a bit weird and creepy, I admit. But I'd be happy playing a game where you solve people's mundane problems even if it wasn't a porn game.

One character, Amy, has a quest-line in which you assist her in finding items from a scavenger hunt assigned to her by her newly joined sorority. It's a sort of hazing ritual, and as you go down the list the items become more and more depraved. At one point during the quest line there’s a split, you can tell Amy she’s better than this sorority, that her dignity is more important than some dumb scavenger hunt, and just cap the questline there, or you can see it through to the end.

If you help Amy see that she’s better than this hellish sorority she will express her newly found sense of self-worth by having sex with the player. If you allow her to go deeper down the scavenger list and degrade herself in front of the entire party, she will not.

The start of Amy's scavenger hunt questline.

While the concept of expecting sex in exchange for getting these character's lives together left a bad taste in my mouth, I can't lie, I did have a little fun roleplaying as Dr. Phil with all these people's problems. It's still a more human mode of gameplay than having to point the barrel of your gun at peoples' heads for ten hours, and while the characters in House Party nowhere near resemble actual human beings, it still inches a little closer towards appearing like it has more sophistication than a game like Meet and Fuck Leila. But at the end of the day, the reward the game offers you after completeing these character's questlines isn't even that worth it either.